Me and my beautiful wife Susan enjoying baseball’s best team – the Kansas City Royals

About Scott Asner

Scott Asner is a longstanding Kansas City, MO investment manager and founding Principal of Eighteen Capital Group (18CG).

Asner previously earned his bachelor’s degree in economics at the University of Pennsylvania and his law degree at Stanford University. He practiced law for two decades before turning to the investment management sphere.

As a Principal of 18CG, Scott specializes in diverse real estate investments that focus primarily on multi-family housing units with value-added potential. 

At 18CG, two governing principles form the cornerstone of the company’s growth and success: advancing the interests of all stakeholders – employees, capital partners and clients; and ensuring that managed properties benefit from substantial added value components, such as integrating cutting-edge green technologies. “Green-retrofit” utility expense reduction and other efficiencies are key elements of the 18CG experience. 

Leading a core team of 25 employees from 18CG’s corporate headquarters in Leawood, Kansas, Scott oversees the private equity-financed acquisition of properties nationwide – more than 7,000 apartment units at 33 properties in 15 states.

Within the multi-family brokerage community, Eighteen Capital Group has differentiated itself from many of its peers by focusing on utilizing short due diligence periods, in-house equity, and occasional cash purchases with no debt financing contingencies.

Scott, who is married with two children and 2 grandchildren, is active in his community. For more than 40 years, he has been deeply involved with the Kaw Valley Behavioral Health Center in Kansas City, MO, where he and his wife, Susan, established the organization’s Kids Classic Golf Tournament – an annual event that raises money toward children’s health initiatives. Previously, Scott served as the Menorah Heritage Foundation’s executive board vice-president.

Scott Asner is a sports enthusiast and lifetime aficionado of Major League Baseball.  He’s also a die-hard fan of local sports teams – especially the Kansas City Chiefs and KU Jayhawks basketball team. Among other areas of interest, Scott is a student of Greek mythology, philosophy and religion.