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Founding Principal of Eighteen Capital Group (18CG)

Hi, I’m Scott Asner and welcome to my blog.

I’m a founding Principal of Eighteen Capital Group (18CG) – a private equity firm, located in Leawood, Kansas.

I’m an investor, businessman and family man interested in sharing my experiences and personal insights across a variety of subjects that I’ve gained along the way.


Recent Posts

Examples of Green-Tech Investments

Hi guys, Scott Asner here. In my previous blog post, I discussed the possibility of governments using stimulus packages to invest in green technologies that will, in turn, help create new jobs while bringing the U.S. into the forefront of … Continue reading

The Math of Gratitude

Hi folks, Scott Asner here in Kansas City – hope you’re doing well. A friend of mine recently shared some interesting statistics about the global population, and I thought I would share some with you. It can be eye-opening to … Continue reading

Tips for Being More Productive (Part 2)

Welcome back! In a previous blog post we discussed some practical ways that people can manage time and hobbies that anyone could develop to improve productivity throughout their lives. Continuing in that same spirit, I would like to include a … Continue reading

A Brief History of Kansas City

Some people call it “Paris of the Plains,” – others call it the BBQ Capital of the World – or simply K.C. There are a lot of different names for Kansas City, Missouri but I just call it home. From … Continue reading

Musings on Greek Mythology

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated with the concept and details of Greek Mythology and how they directly reflect the values of the ancient societies that they were crafted from. In a way, these mythic tales … Continue reading

Going Green

At Eighteen Capital Group, one of our most important principles is to ensure that managed properties benefit from added value components, such as integrating cutting-edge “green” technologies into the mix. For example, green-retrofit utility expense reduction and other efficiencies are … Continue reading

Ready for the Kick-off…

Hey sports fans – Scott here. This is the launch of my personal blog where I’ll be covering topics that interest me. Watch this space to get the latest on everything from sports to business to all-things-Kansas City. Make sure … Continue reading

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