How To Get Active In Your Community

Hello everyone! It’s Scott Asner here! Kansas City is incredibly diverse, and I love being able to show my appreciation for the city and my community. There are so many ways that you can be an active participant and contributor to your community and if you are interested in ways to get active and give back, keep reading!  

Show Support for Local Sports Teams 

Here is an easy one for all of the sports lovers like myself: go out and show your support for your favorite local teams! You can do this by wearing team colors or merchandise on game days, as well as going out and physically attending some games to cheer the team on, which will help you bond with your fellow sports fans! As a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan, you can always find me keeping tabs on the games!  

Join a Local Class or Group 

One great way to get active in the community is to join a local class or a social group doing something that you’re passionate about. This can range in anything from a yoga class to a parent and child art group, like Thursday Toddler Time at  Ceramic Cafe in Kansas for example. Not only will this help you to show support for local groups and classes, it will also introduce you to people in your community who share your passions and interests. 

Shop Locally 

Arguably, one of the best ways to support your local community is by supporting small local businesses. Whether that be through buying a cup of coffee each Monday morning at a small local cafe, like Made In KC Cafe in Kansas City, trading or purchasing books from a local bookstore or treating yourself to a new sweater from a local clothing store, there are many ways to go out and show your support for local small business owners. 

Volunteer and Donate 

Volunteering and donating some of your resources weekly is an excellent way to get active in the local community. You could start dog walking, babysitting, volunteering at local sporting activities like a high school football game. Giving back is an essential part of any community, and if you don’t have the time to volunteer, then you can donate some resources. Clothes to the Salvation Army or local thrift shops, food to your local food bank and bed linens to your local homeless shelter are always needed.  


If you love your local community just as much as I do, getting involved and staying active in your community is easy! Whether you just moved to Kansas City or you’re a long-time community member, I hope this list provided you with some good ideas about staying active in your local community. 

~ Scott Asner, Founding Principal of Eighteen Capital Group (18CG) in Kansas City, Missouri  

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